History of the Hall

The Hall was built in 1914,
and became the gift
of the then rector,
the Rev. George Mullins
to the villagers of Chedzoy in 1937.

Its attractive styling fits well
into the village scene,
and great care was taken
with the building
of extensions in 2002, 2003 and 2014
to retain the design
which has stood the test of time.

Rev. George Mullins


Never having previously been
a Church Hall,
or financed by public fund-raising,
but being the gift of the rector,
Chedzoy Village Hall is rather unusual. 
The Deed of Gift sets out that the Hall
should be managed by
a number of elected members
from the village,
plus representatives from organisations
operating within the village

Sidney Mason Collins

The equestrian statue that used to stand in the churchyard was part of the memorial to Sidney Mason Collins, who directed that the remainder of his estate - after his wife and daughter had died - should go from the trust that had supported them, to be given to Chedzoy Village Hall.   The receipt of this money financed the extensions built in the summer of 2014, which considerably improved the facilities at the Hall. 
Like previous work, care was taken to ensure that the new extensions matched the existing structure, so that the Hall continued to maintain its unique character.


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